Jan 6

Hi , I’m Tommy Budd and I am very happy you have logged on to WINDY CITY’S website. I have been involved in the world’s music scene for most of my life, and from it I currently lead a few exceptional musicians with me to perform the hottest, most rockin’ dance party music to entertain you for any occasion. Feel free to review some of the many songs we can play exceptionally well, as I am told, and once you have heard and read what the group has to offer I hope we can get together sometime. We are a band for hire, all American guys here for you performing the music that comes from the Big Band Era, the Summer of 55  and dance music on the airways that has brought us to the 21st Century.  Come have fun with WINDY CITY living life to the fullest- ALL THE WAY LIVE!

Rock on!- Tommy

Jun 8

Feb 4

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